7Pad Version 2.2 ready

Take a look at 7Pad v2.2 Christmas release !

Pad V2.2 backtrack player
Pad V2.2 backtrack player

New backing track audio file player :  you can select any .wav, .ogg and .mp3 file from your device storage and play along with 7Pad chords and scales !

Could be a drum part, a backing track with all but your instrument or any audio you may like, 7Pad can now play it directly in app.

The AB Loop function of the player allow ( only with .wav files ) to repeat any sub part of your audio file.

The new Tap Tempo button  permit to adjust Tempo bpm for the Song chords reproduction and favorite scales changes to play along.

7Pad Chords velocity can be adjusted for the whole song, by choosing the Slider velocity source in 7Pad Song options  parameters.

Enjoy this new release

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