Do you provide support for 7Pad ?
How do i get the app installed on my phone or tablet  ?

7Pad Android music app is on Google playYou need to get the app installed from Google Play Store.

Where can i get help ?
  • First check the video tutorials, they help you get started : Tutorials
  • If you want midi I/O control, see this dedicated midi help.
The app internal sound is not good enough, how to make it play better quality sounds ?

First be aware, you will take the best results out of 7Pad from using it as an external synth (hardware or software) controller.

The free sound-font provided with app install, is a very lightweight sound bank from a well known 80’s soundboard, you can use better quality GM sound-fonts, just load them into 7Pad synth.

Please follow steps on this post : How to play your sound-fonts

I can’t connect my 7Pad Android app with the midifi Midi Server, can you help ?
The piano strip and full-screen piano are showing colors, why and can i disable this ?
  • 12 notes can be played in an octave and 7Pad use 12 Colors to identify them so you can see the relations when playing a scale on the piano, here are the colors used :

R 2♭ 2 3♭ 3 4 5♭ 5 6♭ 6 7♭ 7

Chromatic piano
7Pad V2 Chromatic piano

To disable this color hint,   touch the colored piano toggle button in the piano view or disable “Color scale degrees ” in piano play options from the 7Pad settings menu.
Another great option in piano play is ” Out of scale ” muting : you will not be allowed to play notes out of the selected scale, so you can play the piano without any “out of scale” mistake.

Can i learn to play chords and scales on a real piano with 7Pad ?
  • “Yes, the  piano views were designed with the learning goal in mind, you got a lot of options to achieve it including color hints and visual feedback for notes you are playing on an “USB-Midi” keyboard connected to your device, see the quick start guide here for details and showcase 7Pad video here .
Starting the app, a dialog appear showing buy options, i don’t want to pay for using the app, what can i do ?

Just use the “Later” button on the initial purchase dialog to dismiss it : 7Pad is free to test for most features, you pay only if you want to use all features and help the developer  ! Check all paid features description Thank you !

Where does the 7Pad name comes from, why hexagonal pads ?
      • The most commonly used musical scales contain seven notes or less, from these 7 notes we construct each harmonized chord-scales that include 7 degrees, ultimately, it is quite convenient to use 7 pads to play 7 notes or degrees in a scale, that’s 7Pad idea!
      • 7 pads, needed to be connected to each other in a way you can slide from one to others the most directly possible. The hexagonal shape permit this direct sliding from one to 3 others and it’s making musical sens to have 1 pad in center ( tonal center) from which you can slide to all others.
What do i get for the premium price ?
Do you want more  ?