New in 7Pad 1.19

TOPAD feature, enable direct chord variation storing to the last played of 7Pad
TOPAD : direct storing chord variation to the last played of 7Pad

New in 7Pad 1.19 !

This version focus on easing the worflow when recording  playable pad sets ( 7 groups of 7 chords pads)   and songs ( chord progressions ).

  • In Chords (edit) mode, the enabled by default “TOPAD” button activate the direct store of the variation  : Chord played with green pads are directly transfered to the last hexagonal played pad (with red text mean current selected destination of  the variation).
  • Added possibility to store the playing inversion and octave for each chord in the pad-set, just by keeping the finger on the playing pad while adjusting the octave or voicing slider. This feature was only accessible in song mode before and allow you  to start thinking and earing a chord progression, while you are defining the chords in your pad-set.
  • Added possibility to customize a voicing buy switching the octave of individual notes of any chord recorded with a progression  : in song mode, with a selected chord in the song grid, fling left or right with each note in the chord construction vertical bar to change octave. This feature was only accessible in Chords mode before and allow you  to experiment manually different voicing for each chords while editing a song even if they  were recorded from the same pad.


Added shortcut to show up the step sequencer  long press the ARP on/off button

Added shortcut to Chords (edit) mode: long touch the chord name.

Added shortcut to show up  the “circle of fifth” harmonized scale chooser:   touch the current harmony name.

Change :  better midi out over wifi  connexion work-flow : now showing the midi out device chooser dialog when no previous selection was made.

Change : dark theme is applied to 7Pad dialogs.