New in 7Pad 2.5

Proud to announce the 7Pad 2.5 Release, all new features are free for all users !

Getting started video tutorials : 7Pad is easy to play and has many advanced features. When you are done with 7Pad 2.5 install, don’t miss these new videos, presenting the key points to use 7Pad at its best in your music workflow !

Pad groups duplicate : it’s a workflow shortcut if you want to copy the chords of a 7Pad group in one or many other groups. The 7Pad button always allow to copy the current harmony with a short press ( First pad group) to the selected of the 6 other groups. Now a long press to the 7Pad button will bring the duplicate dialog on : you can duplicate the current group to all others (except the First chord scale group )

7Pad Duplicate pad groups

Advanced chord editor : This new dialog is accessible in chord edit mode buy touching the “custom” button, it allow to customize each note of a chord in a pad group, with visual help of a multiple octave scale grid. Now you can design each chord and multiply notes ( 7 notes max for each chord ) like a piano player.

advanced chord editor

Remote Control : The midi controller plugged in your 7Pad device can remote control ( with midi-cc and pgm-change) some harmonic and transport parts of 7Pad.

The remote control dialog icon appear in the upper right of the keyboard view ( only when a midi input controller is connected to device),touch it to show the remote input settings dialog

For instance, you can learn arpeggios and scales from your chord progression and switch to another chord or scale only when you are ready . Or in a live situation, you could use remote control to record a loop or start playing an Ableton Link synchronized part from your daw…

Updated guitar fret-board : The remote control for scales and chords ( hands free if you use a midi pedal board) give you the ability to work at your on rhythm while learning a chord progression on guitar and your associated favorites scales and arpeggios. The virtual fret-board display give better visual on fret positions for you to follow on your real guitar

Learning chords on guitar

Sharing Songs files (chord progressions) takes place in the song library dialog : if you want to share ( or save ) the 7Pad progression file, choose to share the file with email or cloud drive…

7Pad chord progression file sharing

Accessing the shared file in 7Pad : using the Song to library action to open the shared .json file, when done go to 7Pad open song dialog ( in Song mode ) and find the song name, open it like all other songs.