7Pad 2.01 Take your guitar

7Pad Guitar logo

Take the lead 7Pad Child !

Proud to announce 7Pad is now also a guitar companion !

7Pad 2.01 introducing the color coded music intervals presentation that all 7Pad users already enjoy on the virtual piano. Those intervals color representations are now directly accessible on a fretboard display for the guitarist. Take your guitar and visualize instantly all scales, scale changes and arpeggios : that is you can play and learn them with 7Pad.

Guitar instructor : play all the Ab on your guitar ? You : looking at red dots, can you ask a more difficult one ?

Guitar instructor ( quizzical ) :  can you play an Ab Harmonic minor scale on 2 octaves but without playing the 4th !  You  : Starting with  a red dot on bass string, playing all colors ascending, 2 or 3 notes each string and skipping  green dots : is that a lesson for beginner ?

7Pad : yes !


Guitar instructor : in this song harmonic progression, you should play a different Em7 voicing at each repeating section in order to maintain listener interest. You : That doesn’t look difficult, i must find a way to play simultaneously each of the 4 note/interval/color  : red/yellow/blue/purple,  each time starting at a different fret position for the bass note… i will work on it see you next time !

7Pad : yes of course, will be a pleasure, you can keep me ready in your pocket for the price of 2 guitar strings and a mediator !

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