7Pad Main and Virtuoso scale pack

Update for 2.6 release  :  You can now Harmonize and create chord progressions from all the scales available in this pack !  Find more on this huge improvement.

From release 2.1 7Pad add an optional virtuoso scale pack with more than 40 new scales at your fingertips.

To access the scale editor, you need to touch  the scale name in the piano view, this scale list is non harmonized and different from the 12 harmonized chords scale list used for pads chords play :

Piano Scale A Iwato ready to play
Piano View click scale chooser name for scale editor

Those scales can now be filtered with a knob by 8 Groups : HARMO, MAIN, MAJOR, MINOR, PENTA, JAZZ, MODES, WORLD to help you quickly find the appropriate scale for you musical context.

virtuoso scale pack
Scale editor : virtuoso scale pack filtering : Only Minor (based on third ) scales

2 Groups are accessible without virtuoso pack :

HARMO are same piano scales from 7Pad freely available harmonized scales.

MAIN is all usual scales except the harmonized, for PREMIUM buyers.

Groups in virtuoso SCALE pack ( also available for FULL buyers ) :

MAIN INCLUDED,  for all buyers

MAJOR and MINOR group scales for tonal match with a major or minor chord progression

PENTA group a big collection of 5 tones scales

JAZZ is a group for scales often encountered in JAZZ music

MODES extend the HARMO group with exotic modes

WORLD is a collection of scales from all around the world

Scales in Main pack:

"Penta Major" 
"Blues Major"
"Bebop Major"
"Penta Minor"
"Blues Minor"
"Bebop Minor"
"In Sen"
"Yo scale"
"Spanish eight"
"Mixo. Bebop"
"Bebop Dorian"
"Ukranian Dorian"
"Whole tone"
"Half Dim"

Scales in Virtuoso pack

"Lydian b7"
"Mixo b13"
"Mixo b9b13"
"Lydian b7b3"
"Blues Heptatonic"
"Lydian #5"
"Minor Melodic"
"Minor Inverse"
"Hexatonic Minor"
"Hexatonic Major"
"Ionian b2"
"Dorian b5"
"Neapolitan Minor"
"Lydian b3"
"Major Locrian"
"Minor Locrian"
"Messiaen I"
"Messiaen V"
"Hungarian Minor"
"Hungarian Major"
"Lydian Diminished"
"Hungarian Folk"
"Chromatic Hypolydian"
"Oriental 1"
"Penta I (Maj)"
"Penta II"
"Penta III"
"Penta IV"
"Penta V (Min)"
"Rom. Bacovia"
"Blues #5"
"Pentatonic Dom."
"Blues Cluster"
"Spanish cluster"
"Javanese PC"