7Pad 2.4.2 Release : More controls

Proud to announce the 7Pad v2.4.2 release, more controls :

sound control panel
Long press on sound icon ( 3 vertical bars one) : sound control panel show up at bottom, normal touch will show control panel at top
Midi In Follow shortcut
Midi In Follow shortcut, the current 7 pad group octave follow the midi played octave if active or the Midi In switch pad groups if toggle is inactive
Midi In latch
Latch shortcut : infinite midi sustain on midi played chords until another chord is played when activated

From 2.4 release:

Choose from 127 GM sounds for scales and same for chords

New internal synth engine capable of multi-channels ! You will play 2 different sounds at same time with independent volume controls, it’s a big musicality upgrade ! You can superpose a string ensemble chord progression with your violin inspired melody. ( try to open and play the Canon Eb 7Pad Song for instance )…

An additional GM sound font file (we provide download link for TimGM6mb) allow the sound reproduction. The app will use the downloaded .sf2 file each time it will restart so you only need that .sf2 download file the first time you launch the new app. The 7Pad song files take care of saving the 2 sounds and volumes setups.

Android 6+ Marshmallow USB MIDI OUT device
Choose Android 6+ Marshmallow USB MIDI OUT device

You can (Android 6 + Marshmallow required) connect with the android midi out ( choose it when prompted ) . Play midi out from 7Pad to your VST host using the good old usb charging cable and nothing more.

Custom chords edition
Go crazy, construct any possible user custom chord

A new custom chord feature update for the chord editor : You can choose each note of a chord by half-steps. ( swipe the notes left or right when custom button enabled)

link (with + sign icon) or replace (blue arrow ) song chord with a piano scale

From the song editor you could link (with + sign icon) an associated piano scale loaded when playing that chord. ( favorites scales loop loading alternative). Now touching the new blue arrow will replace the chord notes with the selected scale notes. Creating a custom scale-chord makes possible to play individual scales notes with the step ARP.