Midi out over wifi – Q&A

This post taken from mail support is resumed here to help all users using 7Pad Midi Output and Control feature by establishing midi out connexion to a PC over wifi.

First of all, download server here : midifi.zip

Informations on use and install here : https://github.com/mixticninja/midifi/wiki

All this boring setup has to be made only once thanks to the parameter saving : Next time, if you use same network, you will just have to run 7PadMidi server on PC and click connect button on 7Pad app to get into the fun with play and control of your favorites  Synthesizers (vst or hardware)  with 7Pad.

For detailled support,

The midi connexion manual is updated for new midi usb cable out feature :

You can see the daw connexion video tutorials on this page : http://www.sevenpad-music-app.top/showcase-tuto/

Quick general midi over wifi setup reminder :

Check Firewall is not blocking app ports, in case of trouble establishing  connexion with midifi server on PC.

Wifi signal must be good for performance, prefer direct wifi Ad-hoc connexion if you can ( see video tutorial ).

Remember to go to 7Pad Settings page : Settings/Midi.IO Server Connexion, Midi section and item named  : Midi out device  then choose the output midi device for connexion to PC, just after first connexion is established.

Starting from version 1.19, this dialog will show up after connexion if no midi device has been selected.

7Pad Midi out device list
Pick one midi device for 7Pad midi out


hi, i recently installed the midifi server on my computer and inputted the correct server ip on my android phone through your app, I have connected to the server but everytime i tap to disconnect it displays “no midi device is selected, midi controller will not work”

at the same the task notification on my pc pops up and quickly cycles between incoming connection and disconnected.

any ideas what is causing this.


    “I have connected to the server” 

Great, you need to connect to the midifi server and  stay connected to it in order to use midi out over wifi then when first connected you need to choose a device for midi output. Remember don’t try to disconnect it before , or you will loose the connection and  the task notification on your pc will cycle  to disconnected.

    “no midi device is selected, midi controller will not work” :

Just after you connect (and can stay connected), midifi server running on PC will transfer the list of midi devices from your PC to 7Pad on the android device ( via wifi same lan network ) . You must then setup the midi out device  (or PC Midi input if you prefer ) from 7Pad app settings.

This device is one of the midi devices listed on your PC and can be either a virtual Midi or a hardware Midi interface for controlling external sound source.
On 7Pad android app, the device list is populated under Menu : Setting/Midi.IO Server Connexion, Midi section and item named  : Midi out device .
The midi out over wifi feature will work only if this list is populated with valid midi devices on your PC, and you choose one for output, you can refer to Midi guide for step by step connexion.

The 7Pad Midi Out over wifi feature is provided free to all 7Pad users, so you can try before you buy and see if it works for you.

Have fun using your favorites synths on PC with 7Pad !