Cloud sharing and split in 7Pad V 1.15


cloud sharing
cloud sharing

Cloud sharing your songs :

Share with the world  : Cloud sharing for songs now available ! Just login with a Google account after touching the “Share” icon in song mode :  you can now publish and download shared songs from all the 7Pad premium users.

7Pad 1.15 split and make easy live parts :

You can apply split to your USB Midi keyboard  :  Choose the split option and the desired starting note and octave from the App Settings menu under the Usb Midi-in section.

This allow you to play “One Finger” chords (  from the current selected group of 7Pads)  on your midi keyboard, while all other fingers can play the related selected scale / melody. If this feature sounds cool, we also added  midi performing features  : Infinite sustain of the last played midi chord ( touch the USB icon for on/off) and the send  “all notes off ” shortcut for the chord or piano midi channel ( by long pressing the left pads or  piano icon when midi sever is connected).


Available on google-play